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Send FlowersPlatinum, which was very popular in Grandma's day, is an entirely different metal than white gold. Platinum jewelry is experiencing a comeback, and is especially popular when accented with 18k gold. Many of the latest styles of platinum jewelry are based on the old standard platinum jewelry of yesteryear.

BRILLIANCE. Platinum has the same general look as white gold, but if you put the two side by side you can see a difference. Platinum has a brilliance to its shine that white gold simply can't match, but you can lose some of the warmth of white gold when making jewelry from platinum.

STRENGTH. Platinum is a much stronger metal than gold, so much so that jewelers who work with it usually have special tools to accommodate it. Platinum heads are becoming popular for diamond solitaires because of their general strength, and while they are much more expensive than their white gold counterparts, they should wear longer. Platinum is also harder to scratch, so the jewelry does not need to be polished as often. However, one drawback is if you need repair work, you may find it more expensive, or find it harder to find a jeweler who does platinum repair on the premises.

PRICE. Several years ago, platinum and gold were similar in price. But as the price of gold has dropped and platinum has risen in popularity, platinum is now much more expensive than yellow or white gold.

PLATINUM AND DIAMONDS. If you are buying an engagement ring, you can have the warmth of yellow or white gold as well as the strength of platinum. Ask your jeweler about setting the diamond in a platinum head instead of a white gold head on your yellow or white gold band. If you already have your diamond ring, the next time you need prong work, ask about having the head replaced with a platinum head.

Platinum heads can provide extra security for your diamond, and can actually improve your stone's apparent color twice as well as white gold. I usually tell clients if they have to compromise when buying a diamond, buy in the H-I-J color range and have the stone set in platinum to make up for it. It will look just as good as that G-H diamond and could save a lot of money.

Here at Mrs. Gottrocks, we are expanding our platinum line of jewelry everyday. We hope this information has been of assistance to you as you shop. Please feel free to email us with your questions or suggestions for future topics.

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